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Exotic | ART SUPPER | 21.01.15


Edible Art Movement’s installation at Singapore Art Supper saw many talented artists come together to celebrate food, art and culture. Daniela Beltrani and Vellachi Ganesan were the two artists that formed the exotic-themed… Continue reading

International Press: EAM featured series in Trebuchet Magazine


You may have noticed this writing platform recently overflowing with the fragrant, nourishing grains of rice-writing and rice themed thoughts. Our humble blog has sought to supplement our recent forays into the world… Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Steven Low Thia Kwang – SeedForFood


You may have spotted Steven Low Thia Kwang’s work as part of CIRQUE du SCENT last month. Steven’s SeedForFood is a series of ceramic works which hover between functional and conceptual, designed to store or release nourishment. Like… Continue reading

Fresh off the Press


Hola!  After recuperating from the heyday during the fair, we are finally back on our radar and we would like to share some articles, reviews and interviews that are covered by the press.… Continue reading

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