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EAM @ ART SUPPER | 21.01.15


‘Throughout history, depictions of food have been used by artists as a portal into place, culture and moment. Charting the intangible experiences of a land. Through the water and across the soil, over… Continue reading

World Food Day: Edible Art Movment @ Project X-pired


Jana Emburey, All is One no2, 2014, Eggshells and mixed media, dimensions variable. The Edible Art Movement’s associated artists have been hard at work preparing their installations for the upcoming Project X-pired. Taking… Continue reading

VIDEO: A celebration of rice – Performance by Daniela Beltrani


  Performance artist Daniela Beltrani was invited to devise a performance that related to rice and the themes of nutrition, connectivity and community that it embodies – during the Edible Art Movement’s Urban… Continue reading

Stellah Lim Chii Cze: The hidden art in your rice bowl.


Featured Artist: Stellah Lim Chii Cze For Edible Art Movement’s recent art installation, URBAN RICE PADDY, Singaporean artist Stellah Lim Chii Cze created a series of of paintings inside used rice bowls & plates.… Continue reading

Captured on film: The URBAN RICE PADDY


If you didn’t get a chance to visit the Urban Rice Paddy grown by EAM artists in Singapore, here’s some of our photographs below. It was installed in May-June 2014 at the central… Continue reading

Urban Rice Paddy: Behind the Scenes #1, the rice bowl story…


At the Edible Art Movement studio: The story behind 500 rice bowls… For our URBAN RICE PADDY installation artwork, we needed 500 rice bowls, and 500 meaningful stories behind each bowl. This was… Continue reading

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