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Exotic | ART SUPPER | 21.01.15


Edible Art Movement’s installation at Singapore Art Supper saw many talented artists come together to celebrate food, art and culture. Daniela Beltrani and Vellachi Ganesan were the two artists that formed the exotic-themed… Continue reading

EAM @ ART SUPPER | 21.01.15


‘Throughout history, depictions of food have been used by artists as a portal into place, culture and moment. Charting the intangible experiences of a land. Through the water and across the soil, over… Continue reading

Urban Rice Paddy: Behind the Scenes #1, the rice bowl story…


At the Edible Art Movement studio: The story behind 500 rice bowls… For our URBAN RICE PADDY installation artwork, we needed 500 rice bowls, and 500 meaningful stories behind each bowl. This was… Continue reading

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