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The Edible Art Movement is a group of professional creatives, working to produce spectacular experiences, installations and art happenings. Presented as an art movement with an ironic twist, our overarching philosophy is summed up in our motto: “We Art what we Eat”.


With a history dating back to 1920, we began a new contemporary venture for the EAM in 2008, with a more public persona and theatrical twist. Curating and producing our edible experiences, we have since worked on events involving and supported by organizations such as the Tate Modern Gallery, National Trust (UK Heritage Board), the Serpentine Gallery, Fortnum and Mason, The Other Art Fair and the Fabelist Journal.


We enjoy building an inventive backdrop for our events which ties the backstory of the Edible Art Movement with the local history and culture of the area.


Our events are theatrical, curated experiences in which we bring together food and art, and draw on local cultures. At the core of our concepts is the element of audience participation – working with a diverse range of communities, groups and individuals.