VIDEO: A celebration of rice – Performance by Daniela Beltrani


Performance artist Daniela Beltrani was invited to devise a performance that related to rice and the themes of nutrition, connectivity and community that it embodies – during the Edible Art Movement’s Urban Rice Paddy installation at Singapore’s central National Library. The performance is inspired by the theme of rice and more specifically by the legend of the goddess Dewi Sri whose body became an offering of various types of plants sent by the gods. As the Javanese goddess of rice and fertility, Dewi Sri is still worshipped on the islands of Bali and Java. (She is also associated with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi as both are attributed to wealth and family prosperity.)


Classically educated in Italy, Daniela gained her Master of Arts in Contemporary Asian Art Histories in 2011 from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. Since 2010 Daniela has curated several exhibitions and written for art publications and catalogues.

Early in 2011, sensing an all-too-often misleading gap between art theory and art practice, she embarked on an experiential journey in performance art to supplement her concurrent research, and she has not stopped since. She has performed in the Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Italy, Myanmar, Indonesia and Finland. In June 2011, she set up S.P.A.M., a performance art platform. Her performance art practice, both as spectator and performer, allows her to explore the self and its different modes of communication.


The Edible Art Movement invites you to take a step back, to literally touch the soil we live on and connect with something so simple yet profound: rice.

Rice and Asia are deeply associated, and paddy fields in many cultures are the site of community gathering, singing, storytelling, spiritual and creative expression to mark particular points such as planting or harvest.

EAM has always been interested in the ability of food to act as a stimulus to creativity, drawing people together in a celebratory atmosphere – not just around the dinner table but also throughout the growing, cultivating and harvesting process.

Join EAM to nurture an urban rice paddy in this art installation which invites your stories to become part of the art, in the heart of the newly invigorated cultural and heritage district, Bras Basah.


Daniela Beltrani, rice, Edible art movement, performance art