EAM in Indonesia: Visiting rice paddy fields

This year we have travelled Asia on a mission of research (and eating, which we assure you still counts as work in our line of enquiry.)

We gathered experience and sensory moments whilst capturing a plethora of photos: rice, farming, green shoots and paddy fields galore. For our URBAN PADDY FIELD installation artwork to be well founded in knowledge and first hand experience, it was essential to go to the root. The insane journey was worth it – every dusty rickshaw ride, hair-raising Indonesian taxi and uncomfortably full bus bouncing along South Indian roads. We invite you to take the journey too, through our camera lens…


1 1kanch 2 3  Nicola in Yogya

Dave in indo paddy with dave in the market chili

(This is a giant pile of chilli powder encountered in India in a chilli processing workshop/factory. It’s not rice, but it was such a visceral experience we thought it should make the edit!)

Rice paddy fields in the highlands in Bali, Indonesia

Photo (c) Julio Etchart @ EAM

Farmer showing grains of rice in the highlands in Bali, Indonesia Rice farmer planting new crop in the highlands in Bali, Indonesia

(c) weiteck chee