Urban Rice Paddy: Behind the Scenes #1, the rice bowl story…

At the Edible Art Movement studio: The story behind 500 rice bowls…

For our URBAN RICE PADDY installation artwork, we needed 500 rice bowls, and 500 meaningful stories behind each bowl. This was no time for Ikea. We appealed to our local audience:

“Rice is such a staple throughout Asia, we all have our favourite dish or preparation method, a heady scent that brings back memories. So, come and lend us your bowls, and tell us a little about them – perhaps they have a history, a story, and particular dish they are used for, a particular cook who lovingly fills them? “

Watch the video to see the behind the scenes at EAM studios.

Rice and Asia are deeply associated, and paddy fields in many cultures are the site of community gathering, singing, storytelling, spiritual and creative expression to mark particular points such as planting or harvest.