A Sneak Peek of a ‘Day in the EAM Studio’

Guten Tag! 

That is our way of saying ‘Hello’ after a busy day of creating tags for Cirque du Scent!

Here is a peek of how the tags look like…

Labels hanging_small

Pile of labels, Edible Art Movement_small

Aren’t they lovely?

Of course, there was more than just crazy stamping. We had Lady Midas in the studio with us too. Thanks to her golden touch, we have these exquisite glass bottles now.



Before we sign off, here is a last peek of what else we had prepared for you…


Hopefully these photos will keep you more intrigued about our event!

See you!


The Intern Super-team at EAM!_smallThe art Lab_Edible Art Movement_small

Look out for more information about Cirque du Scent event on this blog as we are in the midst of putting together more scent-sational things for you. Perhaps, you might be able to go home with a ‘take-away’!

(Here’s our link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/216230725217838/ )